This is for us, girls

Girls, we are beautiful.
We really are.
Don't ever let a guy make us feel ugly because no matter what,
we're beautiful, with OR without them.
And always count our smiles instead of our tears,
count our courage instead of our fears because we must have the confident to survive in life.
But most of the girls say they want a good guy,
but when they meet one, they say he's just a friend.
Then they fall for the player and get their heart broken.
And that's the reason why girls usually cry.

To the 'single' girls out there, don't worry
I'm sure God is looking at you right now and saying,
'I'm saving this girl for someone really special.'
And instead of wishing you were someone else,
be proud of who you are.
Because you are you, no one is like you
And somewhere around there, you never know who was wishing to be you
So, be proud of yourself

To the 'dating with him' girls out there,
always have faith in him, but please don't be stupid.
Remember, never love anyone who treats you like you're ordinary
And if someone throws you a stone, throw back bread
But if it's love, think first. Don't simply throw back love
It can hurt more than a stone.
And don't ever ever change to make someone love you
Be yourself and let the right one fall for you

What we want boys to know,
Dear boys, a girl doesn't need to tell you straight how she feels.
It's written all over her eyes.
And boys, girls don't like to be compared with your ex
We know you loved you ex, but past is past boy.
And we hate it when you spend more time with your friends.

But this is just my advice to you.
How you spend your days is your own choice.
You can either count your blessing or count your troubles.
Life is always a choice.
Love --> Value it. Smile --> Keep it. Success --> Achieve it. Jealousy --> Distance it. Knowledge --> Acquire it. Confidence --> Trust it