Imagine if one of your (different gender) bestfriend has a new girlfriend/boyfriend Would you treat them like you always had or you're going to treat them differently? Me? Of curse I will treat them differently. I'm a girl, and girls know how other girls would feel if their boyfriends are close to another girl *well, SOME girls know how it feel.

I think it's the best for me to back away, before any misunderstanding happens, right? Nahh, it's not that I won't be friends with them ever again. For me, once friends, always will be friends *unless one of us did something unforgivable. Because friends for me, are everything. I would die if I don't have friends.

Back to the topic, imagine if you have a girlfriend/boyfriend, and they seem to be so close to a (different gender) friend, you too will be piss off, right? Don't lie to me, I knew it. You would mad, wouldn't you? Everybody would.

So, keep a distance between you and them okay? 

*I'm just reminding