My goal? My 2011 goal? Have I achieved it yet? Let me tell you something, I have no 2011 goal. Maybe that's why I'm so lost this year. But not for 2012. I have some goals to achieve next year. One of it, of course I want to get at least 6A's for my PMR.

Yep I know it's like impossible because I'm not that bright-thinking, right? But for me nothing is impossible if you work your ass off hard enough. A lot of people say that, 'Eh Lily, next year you're not going to have boyfriend lah' Well I don't assume it that way.

I'm the type of girl that will always put studies before boyfriend. But that doesn't mean that I'm not going to have ANY boyfriend because I know I'm not going to keep that promise -_- Hey I have a very suckish 2011 and I'm not going to let 2012 will be another suckish year. I know how to handle it ;)