My lovely pals always asked me 'Hey Lily, what is love?' Maybe because they're in love or having crush on someone or just asking my opinion. And for all the same questions, my first answer has been... Well, it doesn't matter what my answers are. But for sure, love is a beautiful thing. It's not embarrassing to fall in love. Even you're highly lucky to be able to feel love. A lot of people are searching for this love thingy. 

But for some people, love hurts. Love is cruel. Love is a killer. Love is meaningless. Love is merciless. Love is nothing. Love is just blinding people. Love is the last thing people need. Yeah, they said that because they're hurt by love

And that's it. Bye :) Haa before I go, you guys want to know what's my perception towards love? Love for me is when you think about that one person before you go to sleep and that person lingers on your mind as soon as you wake up. It makes you feel incomplete. It's laughter and tear.  I'm just saying but love can be your well, lover or they can also be your worst nightmare. All at the same time. It can make mankind go crazy or might even die for love.