Cutest thing everrrrrrrr

So I'm bored as hell so I think I'd better produce something good that I would proud of. <-- ok now this is bullshit. What am I talking about oh hell. okay so i would like to talk about a special creature i would love to call babies. Aren't they the sweetest thing ever? I mean ever in the whole universe (sweet as "auwww" with shining eyes, you could kiss them all day if you could)

Every day that I'm alone, I always think how lovely it would be if I had a baby. I remember that there's one day (which was the afternoon after the international run) I asked my mom how it would be great if we adopt a baby. My mom said that she have thought about that too. (auww a great bond doesn't it?) BUT, (why are they always big buts when it comes to a good thing) she added that my father doesn't want any baby in the house because of the poops and pukes and the pampers and the mess and the cries. And now it all starts making sense.

But haven't you've ever thought about it, having a cute little baby in your arms and how it bring you chills when you hear the baby calls you names such as mama, or even your name. I don't know about you guys but I'm buying that.

I'm a Malaysian, right? Everybody knows about that so if I wan't to adopt a baby, I would like to have a hey-the-baby-is-adopted baby *means that everyone knows that the baby is adopted, a boy, Enrique Iglesias-look-alike (I'd okay if the baby has Justin Bieber face) chocolate-hair-coloured, (or you can call it brunette but it seems doesn't right because brunette are like girly-hair-colour) coloured-eyes (if i can pick, i would love to have blue eyes but chocolate seems fine) and when he's big enough, he has a body as sexy as Brad Pitt's

okay she just can dream about it :D but hey, maybe it can be reality insyaAllah