Jared Leto :o

and now i realize how deep my obsession is to the 30 Seconds To Mars's lead vocalist. Ohmygodddddd :o he's soooo fuckin hot man. Like wth 'hey jared, can we kiss?' Just look at his eyes. Even from pictures, you can still see there's something in those eyes that fascinate most people *especially me.

So i watched his concert on the MTV Worldstage. He was great man. I wished I was there to enjoy the moment with him *with the other 1,000,000 peoples -.- And I was proud of Malaysia too, I mean Malaysians. They're so freakin awesome and sporting and their energy was like 'woah, where the hell did they get the energy from?'

And Beast's and Neon Tree's concert was great too. Woah Beast! Kikwang is sooooo fuckin, freaking hot mann I thought he was lame (sorry Kikwang's fans) but now he was just awesomeeee sorry but I might steal him away from you hahaha Elaine Bradley [Neon Trees drummer] was like the coolest girl drummer everrrrrrrr *she is the only girl I know that plays drum hahaha I love her too I want to be like her but I'm here to talk about Jared Leto not Lee Kikwang or some other guy or girl.

And his tattoo. Soooo cool. Like, the coolest tattoo everrr. See this picture? Those triangles are his tattoo. When he asked for 50 fans to come on the stage, I saw this woman was wearing a shirt, there's this big triangle thingy on it. I was like, 'woah, where did this girl get that shirt?' I want to buy it and I will. Someday maybe. While he was singing, all the fans are like showing like a triangle with their hands and I was amazed. Like, sooooo coool. Ergh I wish I was thereeee

Fuck this shit. Ergh bye

p/s : I know there's a lot of fucking hot, aweeesooomeeee, sooooooo coooooool but I was amazed and I am. I love him. Did you guys see him on the Hugo Boss commercial in TV? My sister said he was awesome and fucking, freaking, mind-blowing cool and handsome! ohmygoddd I'm dying to see the commercial well I haven't. Not even once :/ fuck that shit, fuck this shit. I don't care what people say but I love him goodbye