have an attitude please

Did you read about my status on FB that is said, 'It's not nice to call your guest a stalker. It doesn't matter on your page or on your blog. They're your guest, treat them well.' It's umum okay. Em well it's true. I saw a lot of blogs and ada some of them yg tulis 'Followers' diorang as 'Stalker'. Hey, you asked them to follow you, don't you? And after they do, you called them a stalker. Very ironic, right? *Even though I don't know what the hell ironic means -.- So, moral of the story, budi bahasa budaya kita. Budaya kita wajah kita. Treat people well, then only people will treat you well. What you get is what you give. What goes around comes around.

And one more, just now went out for dinner. Well I know it's a bit late sebab we went out at 10:00 but we're still their customers. We were eating and BAM lights off. Stupid people. Rasa nk baling kerusi je. Kalau nk balik rumah sangat, tak payah buka kedai tu pakcik. It's just a very bad service over there. Makanan dah sampai but still minuman belum order lagi. Ayah aku suruh la some of the waitresses ambil order for drinks but then minah tu ckp, 'pergi mintak dekat pakcik tu.' hello, customer pergi hegeh hegeh dekat peniaga? Tak pernah dibuat orang ehh. Geram sial.