I miss it when I smile, my heart smiles too :/

Okay I miss everything I had seriously. I miss having a friend that knows me very well. A friend that will look into my eyes and says, 'I know you are not alright. Tell me what's wrong' Because I had a friend like that once.

And I miss having a boyfriend. I miss the sweet talks. I miss the sweet texts. I miss the late night calls. I miss the crazy things I always do. I miss talking about my boyfriend to other people. I miss the feeling when my heart is occupied. I miss the fights. I miss the silly funny jokes. I miss being cared and most of all, I miss being loved. Serious miss it weh.

Sebab skrg, I've lost it all. Aku ada kawan, yes. Aku ada bestfriend, yes. Tp there's only one bestfriend that knows every part of me. And dia takde skrg ni. I really need her weh. I really need her shoulder. Entah, dgn someone else, aku rasa tak boleh. AKU NAK MENANGIS SERIOUS.

And maybe sbb ketiadaan kawan baik menjadi salah satu faktor aku rindu nak ada bf. Dan tak lupa juga bantuan couples from FB, diorang amat amat menjadikan FB sebagai salah satu faktor nya.

#jangan kacau aku sbb aku sgt sgt down bye