Assalamualaikum and good evening dear readers 

How was your Christmas yesterday? Great? Good? Or just plain boring? Mine? My Christmas went a little bit crazy. Longest day for me. But in the end, something nice actually happened 

Early in the morning about 3:00 o'clock I had a fight with my friend. It was nothing. Things has been settled by Badot. Thanks to him. Love you brahh

Went to my father's worker's kenduri. My brother ate a lot. HOTTEST DAY EVER. Went to opah's house after that. On the way to her house, I was playing 'Idontknowwhatsthename' game with my brother.

Me & Afeeq : Tom tom tom bak bak bak. Bak apa?
Me : Bakso. So apa?
Afeeq : ...........
My Dad : So what? What apa?
Afeeq : What the hell.
Me & Ibu : Hahahahahaha

At 8 o'clock I went to Syiqin's birthday party *sort of. I'm the earliest person who came after Paly. I get to know her family that night. Yep it ended at 11 o'clock. My dad picked me up and go straight back home. I was really exhausted. 

My sister and Badot asked me to join them for dinner. I was exhausted but when it comes to them, I felt the energy running through my spine. Maybe it is the love thingy. It has affected me too. Lol. Went to McD Tambun. Saw a couple of gay. They were both good-looking! Sad but true 

Called a guy later that night. He did say 'Me love you!' in about three times if I'm not mistaken. And I just wish him goodnight. Regret it? Yep but it's okay I guess. I can call him whenever I want