Eh hi December

Dear December, 

                     First of all, welcome :D Lama tak jumpa kan? Dah setahun dah kita tak jumpa. Now jumpa balik kan? Lily harap December datang dgn kegembiraan. And Lily harap December datang bawak boyfriend baru utk Lily lol ;) ecehh takde lah. Kalau ada boyfriend tu ada lah. Kalau takde, nak buat macamana kan? Terima je lah. Tahun lepas kita jumpa, Lily buat apa eh? Lily pun tak ingt lah. 

                      What I have been up to? Em nothing much. Kalau pasal boyfriend, alaa biasa lah couple break couple break. Itu je lah. I remembered last year you were just a friend. But now I would like to be your bestfriend. I hope you bring happiness with you. I would love to be happy again. Em, it's not like I wasn't happy before. It's just that I want someone I can really trust, someone I can truly love

Dear December,

                       Please go slow. May you bring many new opportunities and relationship. I want to cherish every moment of it. Let's spread hope, happiness, joy. Let's not frown, let's not cry. Let's all pray. Let's fly high

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