Goodbye, love

18-01-2012 was the most awful day ever. Someone had broke into my babah's car, stole my mom's handbag and I got dumped. Yes guys, he dumped me. I never thought it would be that fast. We were madly in love and there were something going on between him and his family and tett, tett, teeeeeeetttttttt.... Our relationship couldn't be saved. Well, at least his shirt is still with me. 

I cried last night, but that's normal. Every girl will cry when she gets dumped, isn't it? I cried too but not for a long time. Then I tried to remember all the things I've been telling my friends about staying strong and don't cry and everything. But it seemed easier to say than doing it.

I cried last night (hello, you've been writing that like almost 3 times) but just last night! I was absent today at school because of that stupid thingy that happened to me. It's not anybody's fault.