Love your parents

A father's goodness is higher than the mountain and a mother's love is deeper than the sea. Don't behave rudely towards them for they have sacrifice everything for you. Imagine one day they're gone, who will make you breakfast? Who will give you money without doing anything for them? Who will do your laundry? Who will take you anywhere you want? Who will? 

I know we're teenagers. We're rebellious. We do things we never do before. We try new things. But when our parents said that's not a good thing to do, they really mean it. They don't allow us to do things because they know the consequences. They know what will happen after you do the stupid things.

Don't misuse the freedom your parents gave you. It's great enough your parents are sporting. Don't ever use your high key voice to talk to your parents. DON'T BE RUDE. A mother's pray will always work. So, do everything with their blessings.