So, this is my handsome. He stitched me back together when I'm all shattered. He glued me when I'm all broken. He just couldn't wait to tell me he loves me, he said it on 11:15pm before new year.

'I nak bgtau yg I suka kan you. And I dah mula sayangkan you. Tapi I tak nak minta couple. I just nak bgtau apa yg I rasa.' 

He asked me to be his girlfriend later that evening. I said no at first because I didn't love him. Yes I have feelings for him but I'm still confuse whether the feelings are real. Then, I got the worst call from my friend and it brought the fear of losing him in my flesh. So, I ASKED HIM TO BE MY BOYFRIEND.

'Khairul Amirin, would be Lily Nurliana's?'

I still don't love him... or at least I didn't notice it yet? But he still accept me the way I am.