Well life. Life means a lot of different things, for different people. We have a lot to learn. We are being observed, we sometimes get nervous around strangers or around people we're scared of. We sometimes ask ourselves why am I behaving differently to certain people? We sometimes made bad decisions, and we're going to bear the consequences. 

We might get in trouble, we might get caught, we might get bullied, we might get robed, we might be hated by our friends, we might get r heart broke, we might be a failure. But failures are not made for you to suffer. Failures are made in order for you to be strong, to be mature and to be a better person. Don't questioned why God allows you to suffer, instead be confident, face it and still have faith in God

And if you're about to despair or you might think that the world has kick your butt, just believe that your family haven't and they will always be there for you. Don' be afraid to try. If we don't try, we never know.