Dear C, please read

I'm being forgotten by my own bestfriend. I know there's something wrong between us. It all because of me. I started all that. But I can't control things. As much as I don't want it to happened, it did. It's out of my control. 

He *my best friend* left me on October 2011. We spoke for almost 2 hours and that's the last time we spoke. I never see him after that, nor talk to him. I often see him online but that's just it. I'm too scared to go 'talk' to him. It's not that I don't make any effort, I did but he responded half-heartedly. I know he is uncomfortable so I let him be. 

The last thing I want in this world is to see he feels sad. I would sacrifice anything for him. He is the best friend a girl like me would ever have. He knows me better than anyone else, he knows my secret that nobody knows. And just like that, I lost him. I lost my bestfriend. 

Dear God, I hope You are reading this. If You do, please take care of him just like you take care of me. I love him as my best friend. If he's down, just comfort him and let him know that a soul named Lily will always be there for him. Open up his heart to accept me back. I can't live my days without having him to support me.

Dear C, how are you? I hope everything's fine. It's nice to have you as my best friend not long ago. I saw you everyday on Twitter and Facebook and I'm just like, 'Lily, stay away from him, he doesn't need you anymore. Don't talk to him. You'll make him uncomfortable, you'll make him unhappy. He's happy now, I'm sure you don't want to ruin it.' So, live your days to the fullest bye