I don't understand

Maybe I'm taking it way too serious. But in reality, we're strangers. Yes we are. We're in the same tuition centre but that doesn't mean he's my friend. He doesn't even know my name, I guess. I don't know. I caught him staring at me a couple of times now, but maybe that's just his reaction because he caught me staring at him a lot of time!

I'm obsessed with him? Err I hope not. I don't ask for this to happen, okay? Aku tak nak. I came there to learn, I came there to gain knowledge. I came there hoping that I can make something out of what I've learnt. I just want to obtain my hope of coming there. I don't want to float in the sky or whatever. This is not the right time. But here I am, stuck with a guy that obviously not in my list of boyfriend. What can I do? I'm just stuck! Ya Allah, please guide me. Either You give him feelings for me too or You just erase my feelings for him. Ya Allah please I'm begging you.