I have a crush on you

One day you have a crush on someone, you don't even notice that. And you don't want anything to do with him because you'd rather study, PMR is coming. But everytime you meet him, your feelings get deeper and deeper just by looking at his smile and hearing his voice. And your heart beats a bit faster when the teacher calls his name. 

And on one fine night, while you are looking at the back *to take a quick look at his oh-so-cute face* and see he's watching you. Oh damn! You're caught red-handed. You've got nothing wiser to do so you just smile like a retard. He smiled back! You are on cloud nine right now. You write to your friend sitting beside you, 'My soon-to-be-boyfriend smiled at me!' then your friend ask, 'Which one?' And you just point at him and see that he is watching you. Again! You're caught for the second time by him. And this is even worse because you freaking point at him! You just give him an innocent look and turn in front. Your face is turning red by now. 

Two days after that, you meet him again. You see he's choosing drinks. You are walking toward him because you want to buy drinks too. Coincidently. No plans made. So you just stand behind him and wait for him. He turn around with a Pepsi in his hand and say 'Hi' to you and walk away. You say 'Hi' back. You feel like you are floating. The world just make sense to you again.