Is it just a normal crush?

You know that sad feeling you get went your guess is wrong? It's wrong from the beginning. Like when you thought that your playboy boyfriend is really faithful towards you but actually he's been saying those sweet things towards other girls too? Yahh that kind of feeling. It's just plain sad and disappointing, right? But deep in your heart you still hope that you mean something special to him. 

I've received tons of signal. I really like this guy. I'll be devastated if he doesn't feel the same way. Worst, if he has feelings for someone I know. What should I do? The feelings are getting worse each day. Even his smile can light my night *I see him by night. Only*. But the percentage of him liking me back is just like 45%. I hate disappointment, I hate rejection. But what else could I do? It's all in Allah's hand. Is it just a normal crush? Because I have crush on many boys but those boys didn't linger in my mind before I sleep, those boys didn't show up in my dream. Yahh, he showed up in my dream last night. Him with his cute smile, okay I'm melting.