Things are different

Everything somehow changed. Imagine like, not long ago, you're the centre of attention. But now, semua macam lari daripada aku. What did I do wrong? They all said they'd stay but they didn't. It's just stupid how I hold on to someone who doesn't even care about me. Rasa macam 'Oh God, kau takde benda yg lagi bagus nak buat ke?' Everyone says I'm gonna be just fine. Every single one of them said the exact same thing. But none of them had actually felt what I'm feeling. They just said thati because everything went perfectly as they all planned. I didn't ask for this. I didn't ask to be miserable like ths. I feel neglected. I feel insecure. I feel abandoned. All those feelings are crawling up and haunt me. Every night before I go to sleep, I always ask God for a better tomorrow. I always ask God to put a smile on my face just right after I wake up every morning. How am I suppose to feel when the world's against me? Put a big fake smile on my face and pretend like it's not bothering me or start blaming everybody else?