I believe I can fly

Assalamualaikum and hi my dearest reader. How was your holiday last week? Okay? Good? Bored? Alaa okay la, at least we got some rest, right? My holiday? Great! Know why? Because I get three days advance on the holiday lol! I started my holiday on Wednesday. Yes I skipped my exam hukhuk T.T going to get a lot of 'telur ayam' but never mind, kot? My destination : Sarawak, Malaysia. Let's check out the pictures I took

At the entrance of Sarawak Cultural Village. Best part of the holiday 

We all get this sticker. But I lost it somewhere in the area :/

Look what I bought! Wuuuuu~ ~

Baby Y U SO PUTIH!!!!!! This is my boyfriend. But we broke up. It's for the best, I think

I got a tattoo. Temporary tattoo. Wuuuu~~

I am the princess of somekind of race. I forgot the name of race. Sorry

Dancing on the stage with le boyfriend. Sadly but he is wearing his underwear. Cover a bit sweetie LOL

River cruise-ing *ignore my smile

I bought a shirt! SARAWAK

On the plane going back to peninsular Malaysia. Am wearing the Sarawak shirt I bought