Feeling stupid for caring about someone way more than they care about you

Hello and assalamualaikum guys...

          Truth be told, I'm hurt, deeply. I'm a girl, I know what other girls feel. No girls would've go somewhere with her ex unless she's still in love with him. No girls would've do that if she doesn't feel anything. Just going out buying 'baju raya' together, as friends? NO! I don't want to go on a date with my ex. Hell, I don't even want to see their faces. Unless if I still have hopes that we will end up together again.

          But yeah, I'm the cool girlfriend trying to be cool with this whole shit. Even if it hurts so much, I can't be selfish. He has his own right to go out with other girls, even if it's his ex. But the more I think about it, the more I accuse myself of being stupid that I let this thing escape. Am I stupid? It looks like I am, but I love him. I don't want because of this matter, things become awkward. But if I let things go by, I'm afraid that he will think that, 'Ahh, Lily wouldn't mind if we do this again. She loves me.' I feel like crap.