Currently hitting myself for the twitlimit! Why?!!! Why do this to me right now?!! I'm having the time of my life.

I haven't had any 'the time of my life' since like, forever! I've been running away. That's what I like to say when other people ask me. Because community suck.

When you start to like someone for who they really are, someone or something will get in your way. And even though you date the wrong ones and somehow you know it but you're too damn stubborn to do something about it, you'll think that they're actually THE ONE!

The one.... Funny thing! I've never actually believe that the one is coming.. Not on this time being. I stop believe in things, believe in people. Because believing means the risk to get betray is higher.

I bet you must be wondering why I didn't write anything for a bit long time, didn't you? Well that's because there are nothing to tell. Just because of that.

What makes me really excited right now is the new series of How I Met Your Mother. That's what makes me going on.