Happy Eid-ul Fitr

Hi and assalamualaikum guys...

          For most Muslim people, 19th of August 2012 is the best day of their lives. Raya has arrived!! After a long full month of fasting, finally we celebrate it with the arrival of Raya. I bet your first Raya was amazing, right? Mine was horrible. I might say terrible. Raya eve was tiring, we cleaned the house, we cooked. We  do everything. I woke up on Hari Raya at 8:30!!!! Missed Raya prayer :( When we came over to Opah's house, no one was there. Only two out of four families came!!!!!!!! Bored as hell I tell you. No cousins, no laughters, no loud noises, HORRIBLE!!!! The worst Raya I've ever had in my life so far. But still, it's hari raya. May tomorrow will be better :)

I looked a bit awkward :(

Me, Aliya Balqis and Kakyong!

Kidnapped Atok before he goes solat

With kakyong at Opah's house

With my fucking brother. He is taller than me! Fuck fuck

Look at the Nur in my face after mandi Hari Raya ^^v

Testing one two three four