Misfitting in

28th November.

She doesn't feel like she belonged. She tries so hard to make it perfect, to make everyone likes her. She still feels like she's misfitting in. Everyone says it would be better sooner or later, at least that's what she says to herself, to make sure she's still standing on her feet, to make sure she's still going strong.

It's hard not having people to share her worst times. She feels sorry for herself, but there's nothing she can do anymore. She keeps on trying so hard to trust people and there aren't many difference; that she still doesn't trust people. 

She feels like she's just going to annoy people. She feels like people will judge. She feels like people won't understand what problem she's facing everyday, that's haunting her every now and then.

It's just too hard to explain.

She decides to just keep it plain and simple.

Just act like she belonged!

Blend in!

To make sure that people won't give her the 'attention' that actually really needs.