A smile.

14th December 2012.

I've always wanted to sit on top of a mountain, watching the full moon, with the moonlight flashing straight to my face. Enjoying the world, and admiring on how beautiful it is. Throw away the hatred, spit down the vengeance. And then what's left of me? Just a loving, happy girl. That's what I've been searching for this whole journey.

Before this very day, I've always think that the world is just nothing but a filthy, dirty place. Full of filthy, dirty people. Now I know that there's so much more in this world than that. I just have to dig the world harder, maybe to the earth's crust if it's necessary.

Now that I watch the hatred, the vengeance fly away, I feel so relieved; knowing that I'm free of those dangerous feelings. I don't know how I did it, but man I did it! High-five myself.

And for quite some time, I finally smile. Literally smile. A true smile.