The ending for a sad-ending story

12th of November.

I'm having the suitcase of my life with me. Ready to let go, ready to move on. When I'm about to leave, he passed by. I don't have any idea whether this is all his plans or just.... Coincidence. Whether the world tells me not to move on because he's always there.

I saw his friend, where his friend is my friend. A good friend from my point of view. His friend asked me to dinner. I strictly said no, knowing that he's joining. I made a clear decision to forget about him. His friend pleaded for me to join them. Why not? This is the last time I'll be seeing him, eh?

At the dinner...

Not a single word from him. He doesn't even look away from his food. Fine with me. He threw me away from his life. That's okay, that's alright. I'm good knowing I meant nothing to him. There will be no part of me that's holding on. I spent the rest of the night with his friend.

I'm about to leave. The plane's waiting for me. My new life's waiting for me. There's no turning back now. This is it. This is the last page for the book. I'm leaving. This story doesn't end with a happy ending. I turn around, considering that it's the last look for my 'old' life, I saw him, watching me. I kinda see the sadness in his eyes.

It's okay. He has his own girl to make him feel better. And this time, the girl is not me.