Hey guys, I'm still alive. Breathing.

2nd October 2013.

          Hey guys. It's been a while since I last publish. Everything's going back to normal, my life is turning back to normal. So.... What had I been doing for the past months since I last blog? Well, I study (lying) haha. I was trying to get my life back. See, my dad passed away on May the 28th.

         It was hard the first month though, but I guess me, my sister and my brother are strong people so we hide away our feelings and just be strong with it. It's not going to bring him back if we continue mourning over him, right? And I think he won't rest in peace if he knows we're still sad over his death. So we decided to just cherish the moments we had with him and remember his as the greatest dad in the world and may his body rest in peace, aminnnn.

          Moving on, I am gladly to tell you guys that I am in love with no one :))) Thank god. It would be miserable if I am. Okay here's the thing, I have known quite a few guys and they seem to be interested in me (uh huh. Pls believe me) but I just can't be with them. I just can't feel the same way as they have for me. I am constantly turning to one of the bad guys who like to tear people apart, you know? I don't want to be that girl at all. Like, at all! So, what do I do? I am constantly running away from them. One moment I was all good with them, laughing and all but then I vanished. Because I am afraid. SO I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO. HELP