Happy birthday Azrul Azri :)

So, on 9th of July 1996, a boy named Azrul Azri was born. And today is his 15th birthday. So, much love and happy birthday, friend.

Okay, I was on the way to Tesco, Ipoh. Then suddenly Aqif Faiq [merangkap aku ni laling dia katanya -.-] called. He asked me to go to McDonald's [alaa, yg dekat sebelah Petronas tu] as fast as I can. Now that was just stupid wasn't it? How can I be there as fast as I can? So, I rejected his offer. But then I kept on thinking and thinking, "should I go over there? I want to but Azrul seems a bit cold towards me. Maybe he doesn't like me or stuff" But something told me to go to the party. I don't know. My instinct maybe.

After I reached Tesco, I persuaded my father to send me to McDonald's. I was lucky my father wants to. So, I went upstairs [benda alah tu deme buat dekat atas] I was shocked because I'm the only girl. A bit shy too. So I just sat there like a dumb girl hahaha -.-  Then bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla happened [sorry maleh nak tulis] Then, balik with 5 ketul ayam -.-

So okay, sorry sebab panjang sangat tulis in this post. Just wanted to say, I enjoyed the party and thanks for it, Azrul. Kalau ada rezeki kita jumpa lagi, insyaAllah ada hadiah untuk you [walaupun aku rasa dia tak ajak aku pun and macam tak jumpa dia dah] haha okay dah bye