Even though...

Look at this picture, it's perfect isn't it? But it looks a bit haunted. A bit lost. A bit like me. Yes, the little Lily Billy. Ever wonder why the house is haunted? So, let me dish the story

The last owner of the house kept the house clean, stay beautiful, neat until he was killed. Since then, the house was not managed, was not organized and soon after that the house looks like this picture above. According to rumors the spirit of the house's owner is still lingering in the house. He can't seem to leave the place. The house wouldn't want to let go of the spirit. No one is too darn brave to clean that house up. And the house still waits for the right person to clean him up and he can let go of the last owner

Well, the house story is just the same as mine. That's why I said that the haunted house looks like me. Want to hear the house story but in a human version? 

The last people who occupied my heart kept my heart clean, stay beautiful and unhurt until he left. Since then, my heart was not managed, was not organized and soon after that my heart becomes ROUGH. The shadow of the last lover just can't seem to leave my heart. Probably because my heart wouldn't let it go. And no one is too darn brave to take this chance to get to know me better, to clean the mess my last lover did. My heart is still waiting for the right person to be my last lover's replacement.