Oh How I Wish I Am Here

Everybody has their own dream place, right? Well I have my own, too. Based on the picture above, I can assure you guys know where are my dream place would be. PARIS, FRANCE. The fashion capital of the world. One of the most romantic places in the world. Ahh how I wish. Let's just imagine I'm at the city called Paris. Walking through the sidewalk while eating street hot dog. I'm walking straight to the skyscraper called Eiffel Tower. 

I'm such a dreamer, aren't I? Well I think this holiday makes me a dreamer. But wait, I think it's not wrong to be a dreamer. The dream somehow will be hope. And it's not wrong to hope. 

And I hope I can change my perception towards the book I am reading (I read the last page and the girl's boyfriend die. I like him :<) even though I have like 6 books to go. Well, I am reading A House of Night novel. It's like Harry Potter and Twilight. The difference between them is A House of Night is just a novel and not yet a movie. I just read the third book. It has like maybe 10 books all together. Boo to myself

Personal thanks to Izzati Jeefri because she gave me the idea to write about my dream place :)