What goes around comes around

Do you believe in that one idiom, 'what goes around comes around'? I do. Let us specify this idiom, it becomes karma. 'What goes around comes around' and 'karma' is just the same thing, the same meaning. I can assure you it really hurts. If karma hits you, BAM you'll realize you have done the same thing to someone else. But sometimes what you get is worse than what you did. And that, guys, is karma. Ooooh, if you ask me whether karma has ever hit me, well I can say it has. And maybe that's why I'm still single lol that's relevant, isn't it?  If you know what I have gone through, it is relevant. 

Karma is just one of other challenges in life. If karma ever hits you, just forgive the people who hurt you and go on. It is better that way. Don't ever ever think you can take revenge out of it. Karma will hit you back. Just believe that we have God by our side. Allah will always help His worshipers.