What do you think of people being fake? Fake? Like a fake account (mostly on Facebook or Twitter). Like he/she creates a non-existent name and takes an actor/actresses picture as his/her 'default picture' or 'Twitcon' and confesses that it's the real him/her? Yes, it does sounds bitchy and pathetic. But really, the truth is, it's not that awful if you think real hard. What if he/she has a terrible real life and just wants some attention on the net. But I'm not fully endorsed by this kind of shit. The hell bitch, is that anything so wrong about telling the truth about you. Yes, I know you don't have that kinda face to attract so many boys (cute ones) but the right one will come in your way. Just fucking wait! I'm not here to mention your name or to tell everybody about your lies but please, just be true to yourself. Sooner or later, your fraud will strangle you to death. Believe me I've tried this so many many times and the results are the ones that killed me, that made me feel like the world is against me. Please okay? You're good with me so I'm gonna be good to you. Just tell the truth okay sweety? xoxo