Jealousy hurts, waiting hurts, hurting hurts

AF: Jgn moveon RT "@LilyNurliana: My mind still thinks of that same person I've been thinking for 3 months. WTH mind, just please move on."

That's what he wrote on Twitter. He literally asked me not to move on. And when I did as he told me, he keeps on treating me like a piece of junk. I'm just confused with him. Let me tell you, I did move on. I did stop caring, I really did. And honestly, I was happy. That feeling of careless about others, it's all about myself, I kinda miss it. But even though I said I moved on, there's still a huge part of me that keeps on hoping that he loves me back.

And yes, he loves me. Wow, he loves me. Weh he loves me! I am happy I must tell you that. But still, I am scared because there's a big chance that he would be able to hurt me more than he already had. The solution for this fear is by expecting less from him. After I knew that he loves me, I didn't expect anything from him, at all. I didn't expect him to text me, to call me or anything. Because the less I expect, the less I hurt. But there won't be a day went without him mentioning me (or unmentioning me?) on Twitter. Either way, he still 'talks' to me even though it's just a couple of tweets. But still, I'm pretty glad.

Some of you may think that it's not enough, how can you express your feelings by just a couple of tweets... That's when the phrase, 'expecting less' comes in handy. I keep on tweeting what I feel about him, and he will eventually read it. At least he knows that I care about him. So, that's the story of me and him. Goodbye