Seriously MOVING ON!

Assalamualaikum and hi guys!

          I've been writing on my posts that I was moving, I was moving on, I was moving on but the result was still the same, I WAS NOT MOVING ON! But now I'm serious, in fact I'm dead serious about this moving on thingy! Dead serious! There's no more hoping that we can eventually be together. Not a single hope left! I love him, that's true. I love him so much that I let myself go through so much pain. I love him so much that I couldn't take the pain any longer. I love him so much that it kills me. I never stop loving him, not one second.

          But sometimes you just couldn't take it. Macam dah give up sangat sangat. Dah tak larat sangat sangat. Hari-hari sakit hati, hari-hari kena bagitau diri sendiri, 'Takpe, dia sayang kau lah. Jangan fikir bukan-bukan.' But when the time comes, you just couldn't hold it. You feel like you're the one that's been trying so hard while he has so many other things in his head that he didn't even have enough time to think about you.

          A complete moving on is not an easy job. Saying, "I moved on" is easy, staying moving on is a bit trickier. You'll be lying if you said you've moved on if it's just been two or three days after the 'break-up'.