Was it the best birthday?

"Happy Birthday. Semoga panjang umur, murah rezeki. Remember, forever, stay calm and open the sky. No matter what problems you got into, there's always a solution, and I will be there helping, stay by your side. And, sorry awal sikit tp org tgh compete nak paling awal dan saya tahu, saya banyak competitors. Bye, have a wonderful birthday ever. Goodnight and sweetdreams. Sorry kalau sebelum ni ada sakitkan hati lily. I memang berbeza dgn lelaki lain dan i mmg nk jadi different dari semua lelaki yg pernah sakitkan hati you. You don't deserve that. Bye bye. Goodnight, penguin comel (:" was sent by him at 11:59 pm on 01-06-2012. I really thought it was going to be an epic birthday but it wasn't. It didn't go as planned, at all. He asked me to call him at night due to the free call I get from Maxis. I tried to reach him all day but all I get was 'The person you're calling is not answering' over and over again. And I tried to reach him at night as he asked, but all I get was the same reaction I got early in the morning. How can you celebrate the most important day in your life without the person you care the most? It just doesn't seem right and it wasn't right, at all. It didn't felt right. I was so disappointed in him. I still am.