"Don't be pushed by your problems. Be led by your dreams."

Hi guys :)

          First of all, I'm officially dating someone. His name is Fiq :* I love him so much but at the same time I'm praying that I'm not making the biggest mistake of my life. I'm afraid that our relationship wouldn't last even though we try our best to keep it. I just can't go through another heartbreak.

Okay here's another deal, before I dated Fiq, I kinda had a thing going on with someone. Just a normal flirt single girls do. But now that I'm with Fiq, what should I do with the guy I flirted? Just ditch with him like that? I'm not that kind of person. Wouldn't he be upset? Wouldn't he be devastated? Maybe I should just go tell him the truth right? But I don't think I can make it because well, the fact is there that I'm a coward.

And here's the last but not least, remember Ayin? Yes, that Ayin. My Ayin. Okay he is not my Ayin anymore. Yea, we started out friends after the 'unofficial break-up', I acted very cool after that. We're friends and bla bla bla... NOW, after he broke-up with his girl, he just came running back towards me and throw this 'I miss you' stuff to me. Now what was that? It's not that I'm not over him, it's just.... I'm scared that the feelings will come back.