I was happy until yesterday

Hi and assalamualaikum guys!!

          So, I met this guy one day after school. I didn't know why, but there was something about him. Something about him that I could't take my eyes off him. My friends were all like, 'Euwww Lily, he's not that handsome.' and I do know that. He's not that handsome. I guess there was something about him. Love at first sight? Nope! I don't believe such bullshit. Okay okay, long story short, he texted me! HE TEXTED ME! Wow, at that time, I feel like the world has stop. And we texted bla bla bla...

          I came to know from one of my friend that knows him, he actually had been dating with someone I care about. Someone I respect. This is hard. I keep telling myself, 'It's nothing, don't worry about it. It'll be okay' and things like that. I was okay until yesterday. I called him at night to say my goodnight ritual. And suddenly he says, 'Lily, I nak bgtau you something ni. Tp you jgn lah sedih atau apa. Suara you mcm ex I. You gelak pun sama macam dia. You kenal kan?' And you couldn't imagine how hurt I was but I played it cool with him.

          In my head, he is not over his ex yet. His ex that I respect, his ex that I care about. And to boys out there, please, just please, I beg you, don't compare your girlfriend with your ex even though your ex is a supermodel whatnot. It hurts, you know.