Happy Birthday dear friend!!!!!

Hi and assalamualaikum guys...

          Today is the most special day for this cute girl above. It's her 15th birthday!!! Happy birthday gedik, I love you so much!!! You were there, always there, when I needed you. I can't thank you for what you did for me, and how you've change my life. You gave me strength when I'm at my lowest, even though you constantly do stupid things and can't let me live happily and calmly. You hit me then you hug me, you punched me then you comforted me. But whatever happens, I know you still love me (ahakss so perasan) and I hope you know that I love you too. 

          Wong Jiamun is her name. 16th August is her day. My best friend she will always be. Muahhh!!! :*

P/S : Will see you at school after holidays. Claim your birthday present okay? I love you