I'm here to tell you that everything is gonna be okay.

Assalamualaikum and hi guys...

          Finally trials are over. Feels relieved a bit, huh? Yea I guess so, a bit. So, it goes back to me and my problems. I left this lovely blog of mine for about 2 weeks now if I'm not mistaken, but in those two weeks, the hell there's so much had happened. Like, that seriously happened to me? In two weeks? Weeks where I have my trials going on? Wow.

          For me, boyfriends and girlfriends must be there for each other. Every minute, every second. Don't you think it should be that way? What's the use of girlfriends/boyfriends if you keep your problems to yourself? They aren't here for your love only. They're here for you through thick and thin. At least true boyfriends/girlfriends do that. Now, Fiq has changed. Really, a different person! I know something is up because he is not usually like this. I know my Fiq. When I ask him, he said he was okay. I'm not that stupid, you know? I can tell when he's lying and when he's not. By the way he said he was okay, I know he was not okay. And until this moment, I don't really know what happened. He just said it is a family matter and that I shouldn't interfere. Okay, understood. Just gonna step back and be there for him when he needs me.