New year's shine

5th January 2013.

Before I write anything, I just wanted to say happy new year to all of you guys who is reading this.

I started this year with a terrible incident. Not gonna talk about it, but it's terrible. It shatters my soul. I think I'm still in shock about what had happened. I feel like that happy-go-lucky part of me has gone. Maybe it will come back, but not in the nearest future. I'm more of that quiet girl now. That girl who likes to be alone, book doesn't leave her hands, constantly reads. Spend a large amount of time in bed, on twitter and socialize (to keep people away from asking why in the world am I acting so differently these days.) Likes to search those quotes on Google/Tumblr/Twitter about having the strength to endure the pain she's holding. Forgiveness doesn't reach her, yet.

(I got 7A's for PMR, if you would like to know)