It makes it better

4th February 2013.

          The girl that has been strong finally broke down. After five months of computing that she has no longer exist in the one she loves's life, she just couldn't hold it any longer. She cried with swollen red shot eyes. She loved him. God knows how much she loved him. She still does. His name still makes her shiver. No matter how much of an asshole he can be, she still wants him. She's so very afraid to let go. Maybe one of the reason is that she's afraid that love like that will never come in her life again. But sure, it was never love to him. She knows that better now. They never talk now. She feels stupid of writing this because she knows that he never talks about her. Hell, she's 100% sure that he never even thinks of her.

I will never regret the day we started talking. You've teached me so much. There's so much to learn, too little time. I will never forget how stupid we can be together. I will never forget how bright my smile can be when you were here. I will never forget our little songs. I will never forget how you can be Adam Levine, Zayn Malik and Ashton Kutcher at the same time. You will never know how much of an impact you've made in my life.